20 January 2009

A Presidential Inauguration For the Masses

Wow. I'm looking at the CNN coverage of the Presidential Inauguration. It's amazing to see such history taking place. This is such an important even of epic proportions. The crowds that are there must be so overwhelmed with a sense of awe and amazement. For me, sitting in front of my computer here in Canada, it is brilliant to watch. What it must be like to be there can only be indescribable.

I can't begin to imagine the extent and importance of what this particular day means for the African American populations in the US and abroad, in as much as I'm caucasian and Canadian, and I have no basis of that kind of historic discrimination. But the degree in which the importance I know is monumental.

I watch with baited breath to see this historic event taking place.

There is sooo much to be done, so many things to accomplish within the next four years. I look forward to what vision and imagination comes to fruition.

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