15 January 2009

Grrrr Arrrrgh - Website down

I got a notice on Facebook this evening that our sci-fi group's website is down. So I got out of bed (where I'd gotten the notice on my iPod), and gone down to check it out myself on the computers downstairs. Nope. Not working. No emails from web-hoster to say why it was down. Grrr.

So I go to my hotmail addy where I have all that information on the registration, domain name hosting contract, etc. and print it off. I KNOW my domain name and registration isn't due until mid May 2009. So I check the web-hosting service (amray.ca) only to see that THEIR website is down. SHITE! That's not good. So, I go to their head company's website and get a contact phone number for the webhost company [Amray Webhosting]. Call them.

Their servers are down for annual maintenance. Will be back up later tonight at the earliest, tomorrow morning by the latest. I know the site (my own plus the sci-fi group's website) is not top priority for everyone but you know, a nice little email general announcement to your clients from the webserver that your servers will be down between this time and that time would be helpful. But nothing. At anyrate, once I got it figured out, I got a notice sent out to 'my people' that the club's website (amongst many others) was temporarily down for annual maintenance. You know. The polite thing to do.

Website was back up at 2100h.

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